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The SurgyTec Team

SurgyTec is an initiative of HPJ Stevens MD, PhD, plastic surgeon from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

In his professional life, Dr. Jerome Stevens encountered numerous reasons to improve exchanging knowledge among fellow surgeons in a more visual way.
personal word.

"I am nothing different than you. I believe I have got a message to tell, to share. Of course I am looking for peer recognition. And of course I believe that once my ideas prove to be right, financial benefit will follow proportionally. Like you, undoubtfully, think also. But both of us know, however, that that is usually not the case.

On top of that, I struggle with the same day-to-day problems as you; too busy already, increasing patient demands, increasing governemental demands, too many ideas, too little time.

And therefore, I truly believe that the concept of SurgyTec might provide the right platform. Bottum up. For both of us. For any surgeon. If we would both start sharing our surgical passions it should bring us knowledge, new friends sharing the same passion (across disciplines!) and save us time and money, rather bring us peer recognition and proportional financial kick back. The more downloads the more revenue. The clearer your message the stronger the impact. In fact I am convinced that the concept of SurgyTec offers you the quickest way to develop yourself into a leader in your field of expertise. Not the months, even years, of struggle before publishing a paper or presenting at a congress. Of course, keep doing that, but do take the advantage of nowadays techniques to gain that leading position, the quickest way also. But do be prepared to accept the opinion of the community. More precise, let the interaction of the community inspire you to improve your best to even better!

You see, to my opinion there is not such thing as an average surgeon. Anyone who made it to a surgeon, especially the one reading this, has a story to tell, a message to share. A passion that motivates us and makes us give the best to our patients each of us in our own way.

Let’s share it. And learn from eachother. You too, start right now, right here."

Many surgeons perform original and high-quality techniques in their operating room and equally many surgeons would like to learn from these new and inspiring techniques. Up till now it was very difficult, time consuming and expensive to take a look in each others operating room and share practical knowledge, tips and tricks.

Dr. Stevens' medical background and affinity with ICT and new media where the basis of fulfilling this need of surgeons around the world. He teamed up with an innovative ICT company called SPING which develops advanced telecom and internet solutions. A highly experienced strategic business developer completed the team and SurgyTec was born. Currently the SurgyTec team holds 20 members. the SurgyTec Team.

SurgyTec is based in The Netherlands, but operates globally with a large community of the best medical practitioners and academic peers. Their valuable input and intercollegial quality control secures the high-standard video content on SurgyTec.

We invite you to join us also and start sharing and gaining at the same time!

Advertising Policy

SurgyTec will begin to accept Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Advertising and Sponsorships for 2008/2009

Advertising Policy & Plans are under construction. All inquires should can be directed to


Surgytec is a 100% privately held company. Surgytec is fully financial independent; medical and or farmacutical industry have no direct or indirect stake in Surgytec’s funding.

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